Chocolate Rice Crispy-Chex treat

What you need:Chocolate Rice Crispy-Chex treat

- 4 Tbsp Butter

- 8oz Mini Marshmallows

- 1/3 cup mini chocolate chips

- 1.5 cups Rice Crispy

- 1.5 cups Chex Mix

Other supplies:

- Plastic bag

- Large Pan

- Large Pot

- Wood stirring spoon

- Wax Pater

- Non-stick spray



1) Melt butter in pot on low

2) Put Chex Mix in a plastic bag and crush it up

3) Add Marshmallows after butter is all melted and stir frequently

4) After Marshmallows are all melted, add chocolate chips and mix

5) Add Rice Crispys and Chex Mix and stir.

7) Use wax paper (spray with non-stick) to flatten out mix6) Spray pan with non-stick spray and pour mixture into pan.

8) Cool

9) Cut into squares and enjoy



Mmm. Delish! Oh wait I maid them

This was good!